Our SNAP educators work throughout Somerset County to help improve your overall health by
providing easy ways to shop, cook, and eat healthy food on a limited budget; combining nutrition
education, social marketing, and environmental support to make the healthy choice the easy
choice. Our team works with the adult population as well as the 8 school districts in our County to
provide nutrition education to students.


Check out the videos below for samples of what we are doing in the community.
MyPlate Introduction with Mr. Brady

MyPlate Intro with Mr. Brady

If you don’t know about MyPlate, you can learn more with Mr. Brady in this quick introduction.
Citrus is Healthy with Mr. Brady and Mrs. Curtis

Citrus is Healthy with Mr. Brady and Mrs. Curtis

Show me your shield! Citrus fruits are packed with Vitamin C to help keep our bodies healthy. Learn more with Mr. Brady and Mrs. Curtis!
That's a Wrap with Mr. Brady

That’s a Wrap – Eat Well, Play Hard

It’s the final video in the Eat Well, Play Hard series and an important reminder to limit your screen time. Thank you for spending some time with Mr. Brady and learning how to be healthy!
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