Talking Tips

Parents have a significant influence in their children’s decisions to experiment with alcohol and other drugs. Check out these resources to help you start talking to your kids about the dangers of drinking alcohol and using other drugs at a young age.



Talk, They Hear You –

This underage drinking prevention campaign helps parents and caregivers start talking to their children early about the dangers of alcohol.

Parent resources include…

  • 5 Conversation Goals
  • Answering Your Child’s Tough Questions
  • Join the #WeTalked Campaign


Speak Now! Colorado –

“Speak Now, Here’s How.” This website provides facts about alcohol and other substances and resources on how to talk with kids at different age levels, starting as young as 9 years old.

Parent resources include…

  • Role Play How to Say, “No.”
  • Set Expectations
  • Promote Self Confidence


Power of Parents –

The Power of Parents program empowers parents of middle school and high school students to have ongoing, intentional conversations about the dangers and consequences of underage drinking.

Parent resources include…

  • Parent/Teen Agreement
  • Your Teen’s World
  • Parenting Styles


Know When Know How –

This campaign is a research-based education and prevention effort targeted to parents of children ages 8 through 12. The objective of the campaign is to prevent underage drinking by providing information and tools for parents so they can engage their children in discussion before use of alcohol even begins.

 Parent resources include…

  • Facts & Statistics
  • Talk Early and Often
  • Parental Responsibility


Let’s Face It –

Alcohol is the drug of choice for young people. In fact, alcohol is used by more young people than tobacco or illicit drugs. Although most children under age l4 have not yet begun to drink, early adolescence is a time of special risk for beginning to experiment with alcohol. Learn more at this website.


How to Talk to Kids at Different Ages about Alcohol –

Although experimentation with alcohol can be common among kids, it’s not safe or legal. So it’s important to start discussing alcohol use and abuse with your kids at an early age and keep talking about it as they grow up. Learn more with this guide.


A Parent’s Guide to Underage Drinking – Partnership for a Drug Free Kids

As a parent, you hold tremendous influence over whether your child decides to drink or not. Be informed and be clear that you disapprove of underage drinking, model health behavior and find opportunities to discuss the dangers of alcohol. Learn more with this guide.



Marijuana Talk Kit –

With this free toolkit you’ll learn

  • why pot is still risky for teens
  • what you should and shouldn’t say when talking with your teen
  • and how to respond to their questions



Talk About It –

This campaign gives parents the tools and resources they need to start vital conversations with their family about the dangers of opioids Talking can cut their risk of future misuse in half.

Parent resources include…

  • Conversation Starters
  • Talking Tips
  • If You Suspect Misuse – Dos and Don’ts


How to Talk to Kids at Different Ages about Drugs – Partnership for a Drug Free Kids

Conversations are one of the most powerful tools parents can use to connect with — and protect — their kids. But, when tackling some of life’s tougher topics, especially those about drugs and alcohol, just figuring out what to say can be a challenge. We’ve provided scenarios and scripts below on what to say to your child, no matter their age. Learn more with this guide.