Be a Safe Storage Super Hero with Maine Prevention Services and Somerset Public Health — here are some important tips!

Tip #1: Keep prescription medications up, and away, and out of sight

Unfortunately, many children end up in emergency rooms each year from unintentional ingestions and overdoses after taking medicine without adult supervision. Keep medications out of sight and out of reach.

Tip #2: Know where your medications are at all times

Not just at home, but when you visit friends and family. Make sure to keep purses, bags, or coats that have medicines in them up and away and out of sight.

Tip #3: Keep prescription medication in its original bottle with the label and the child-resistant cap secure

And if it has a locking cap that turns, twist it until you hear the click. Then you’ll know it’s locked and safe.

Tip #4: Put prescription medication in a secure location so kids, family, and guests don’t have access

Leaving medicine out on a counter, or nightstand, might seem harmless enough. Instead, put them back to keep  you and your family safe.

Tip #5: Keep track of how many pills are in the prescription bottle so you’ll know if any are missing

Need to dispose of unwanted medications? There are everyday drop box locations throughout Kennebec and Somerset counties. For a list of locations, visit…