We’re working to change social norms around substance use and you can help!

Check out the different poster campaigns. When you find a message you want to support you can request posters to hang in your Somerset County school/business/organization.

You Are the Target is a youth tobacco/vaping initiation prevention campaign. Many of the campaign messages focus on how Big Tobacco advertising targets youth and show links between Big Tobacco and vaping. To preview and request posters: You Are the Target

The Be a Hero campaign focuses on how connecting with children each day can lower the chance for them to: misuse prescription drugs; use marijuana and other drugs; and have poor work performance. To preview and request posters: Be a Hero

The Positive Influence campaign challenges youth to engage in critical thinking skills, identify positive influences, and stand up to negative pressures around substance use. To preview and request posters: Positive Influence

The Talk. They Hear You campaign strives to reduce underage drinking and prescription drug misuse among youth ages 9 to 15 by engaging parents in prevention behaviors. To preview and request posters: Talk. They Hear You

The Safe Storage Super Hero and Eyes Open campaigns create awareness about the safe storage and safe disposal of prescription medications. There are messages tailored for youth, older adults, and First Americans. To preview and request a variety of materials including posters, coloring pages, rack cards, and tear offs: Safe Storage Super Hero and Eyes Open