The Somerset County RCORP Consortium

The Somerset County RCORP (Rural Communities Opioid Response Planning) Consortium came together to assess county specific needs and to develop a planned stepwise and coordinated response. Consortium members already contend daily with the impacts of high poverty rates, low workforce participation, low educational attainment and shortages of providers within the workforce needed to address OUD (Opioid Use Disorder) and SUD (Substance Use Disorder).

Support is Needed

Research shows there is a link between chronic stress and an increase in the use of substances. Community stress can affect our youth and adult populations alike. Without a social support system in place, youth and adult OUD and SUD, have an impact on the entire family system. Somerset County has been under substantial stress in recent years.

Turning the Tide with Social Media

To engage community members and other partners, staff create weekly Facebook posts on stigma, opioid use disorder, and the project progress. Consortium members then share the Facebook posts on their agency Facebook page as a way to spread the word about what RCORP is doing even more broadly around the State of Maine.

Meet the Consortium

Stacey Slate

Stacey believes that the community is an important part of the recovery process. She connects individuals on pretrial release with community members that can help them achieve their goals for recovery and beyond.

Carla Stockdale

Carla oversees all the clinical aspects of KBH. She understands that in order for treatment to be effective you have to treat the whole person... not just one part of their life.

Gust Stringos

Gust is working hospital-wide to create low barriers for access to treatment for people with opioid use disorder.

Mike Welch

Mike is identifying barriers to programs and resources that benefit the inmates and help support their recovery. Mike is working toward creating a support group for incarcerated people and their families to help support positive recovery outcomes.

Ann Dorney

Ann knows that education is an important tool when it comes to treating a hurting community. We need to be sure that people have the right facts around any issue, not just those living with opioid use disorder. She is helping people with substance use disorder by talking to other health care workers to help them understand this complex issue

Sheriff Dale Lancaster

Sheriff Lancaster obtained a substance abuse grant to assist inmates assimilating back into their communities. His deputies are issued Narcan that has been successful in saving lives in Somerset County. Sheriff Lancaster takes his responsibilities very seriously, and he is proud to serve the residents of Somerset County.


Cheif Deputy Mike Mitchell

Mike has 27 years of law enforcement experience in the State of Maine, which includes working for local police and a 25 year career with the Maine State Police. He was the Vice President of the Maine State Troopers Association and a former board member of the Maine State Employees Health Commission.

Kelly Wheeler

Former Consortium member, Kelly realized that we are all people first and she understood that, as people, we bring different experiences to the conversation. Kelly helped other people in her department realize that too.

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