UPDATE: In an effort to help our community locate food options, we’ve added the interactive map shown below…

Nutrition and Cooking Classes

We provide cooking classes and grocery store tours that will help you stretch your food budget while eating healthier. Sign up below to get added to our list!

Cooking Matters at the Store Tour
During the 1.5-hour tour, participants are empowered with four key food skills:

  • Reading food labels
  • Comparing unit prices
  • Finding whole grain foods
  • Identifying three ways to purchase produce

Cooking Matters at the Store ends in the $10 Challenge, an activity where participants use the skills they’ve just learned to buy a healthy meal for a family of four for under $10. Participants take home a booklet with recipes and shopping tips, a reusable grocery bag, and $10 worth of healthy groceries.

Cooking Matters
Cooking Matters hands-on courses empower families with the skills to be self-sufficient in the kitchen. Courses meet for two hours, once a week for six weeks and are team-taught by a nutrition educator. Lessons cover meal preparation, grocery shopping, food budgeting, and nutrition. Participants practice fundamental food skills, including proper knife techniques, reading ingredient labels, cutting up a whole chicken, and making a healthy meal for a family of four on a $10 budget. Adults and teens take home a bag of groceries after each class so they can practice the recipes taught that day.