Lead-Free Home

Lead is a metal that used to be in paint. It can be toxic—especially to a child’s growing brain. If you live in an older home (built before 1978), you could have lead-based paint in your home. Check out the resources below, and contact us at 474-7473 or sphinfo@rfgh.net for more info on how you can test and what you can do if you have lead in your home.

Test for Lead Dust
Produced by the Maine Centers for Disease Control, this video shows how to use a lead dust kit.

Sources Of Lead
This tip sheet describes the different ways that lead can be transferred throughout your home. Download here.

Lead Poisoning: Do I Need to Worry?
This resource includes a checklist you can use to determine if your home is likely to contain lead paint. It also provides next steps on what to do if you suspect you have lead paint in your home. Download here.

Don't Take Lead Home from Your Job
This resource provides suggestions on some of the safeguards workers should take to reduce the chance of bringing lead into their home. Download here.